Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So it begins...

So its been a long time since i used this page and i think its about time i revamp the whole thing. A long time ago i started this blog to follow my MMO adventures with friends and all around gaming fun. Long story short i began to have less time and this page slid to the way side. After a lot of encouragement that i should start sharing my thoughts on games from RPG's to video games i have decided to restart this blog. So what have i been up to... well let me give you a hint!

Warzone! Thats right last year Prodos games had this awesome idea to revive one of the coolest sci fi universes ever! They did a hell of a job too! Pretty soon i hope to upload images and reviews of the fantastic models they came up with and maybe some battle reps! So why did i pick now to relaunch my blog well cause i loved this universe so much that i thought i would share the follow up to the Tabletop game..the RPG. The guys at Modiphius have just launched the 3rd edition RPG reboot for this awesome universe. I have had the chance to play test the new rule set and i must admit its a blast! So i have jumped in to support the funding of this awesome RPG. Even though i am trying to resist the kickstarter urges i picked up last year i told myself i couldn't let this one go by unnoticed (thankfully i have an amazing and supportive girlfriend who enjoys my nerdy interest and she lets me bend my own rules from time to time). So if you love MC go check it out, even if your not an RPG kind of person there is a little for everyone. They will have source books going over each corporation, miniatures that will be cross compatible with Warzone Ressurection, and of course a new rpg system with tons of new background material! It really promises a little of something for everyone. So without further ado go check them out :)!


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