Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition Kickstarter

Back again guys! Today with some new information on Modiphius Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition. For those of you that have not had a chance to drop in and see whats going on check out the Kickstarter or check out the video below.

For a kickstarter that is only 3 days in lets see what we have so far. They managed to fund the initial core book within hours of launching the project. This covers the core rules and setting for the original Mutant Chronicles era (although there is talk of merging what was to be two books into one. Saving some money and moving forward some of the goals). There have already been two stretch goals unlocked. The first being the upgrade of the core rules to a hardbound book. The second covers the first source book the Imperial Corporation.

So whats next you ask? Well pending the decision to combine the core rulebook and the first setting supplement into one book, we may see the next source book jump up which is the Capitol Corp! They also unveiled the first miniatures that are a collaboration between Modiphius and Prodos. keep in mind they are still works in progress.

The heretics!

So before i leave you to ponder what else could be in store i want to make some short points about questions i have seen asked.
  • Does the game require miniatures to play? Not at all they add another dimension to your game play but are not required in any way.
  • Are Symmetry Dice Evil? Not at all in my pley test they actually made for an enjoyable experience. They are fuel for the gm's actions and start out with a certain number. Replenishing them can happen a number of ways. In my opinion it acts as a balancing system for the player actions. When they push for better results they risk feeding the darkness.
  • How will the miniature production work? Well Modiphius answered this one earlier. A lot of people were concerned this part may fall behind the rest of the project Due to Prodos having other obligations as well. Chris has assured us that its a joint effort and that Prodos and Modiphius will be sharing the work load here.
  • Modiphius launched Achtung! Cthulhu. They listen to the fans and they delivered an awesome experience. They are obviously just as passionate about this project too.
  • Shoulder Pads! Chris birch keeps teasing us about these, someone may just have to twist his arm to get a sneak peak lol!

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