Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hate Being Sick...

Title says it all Health is not my strong suite apparently. So For those that frequent  my blog sorry for the short absence. I meant to post an update for my Warzone Resurrection Mishima, but being sick i could not use my airbrush. That will be fixed tonight and hopefully i can post some progress shots!

For those Following the Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition Kickstarter, with just over 3 days to go they have just unlocked the final Main Corporation guide book.  Countless collectible addons and miniatures have also been added to the campaign for the die hard fans among you. The campaign has managed to Unlock 10 books in either print or pdf depending on how you pledge. As a bonus they also just announced a Rule set will be developed to play out MC using the Savage worlds Rule Set!

On a final note here is a shot of my Mishima Meka ready for priming :)!

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