Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scout Ship By Bombshell Miniatures

Back in October i had the pleasure of being apart of Bombshell Miniatures Scout Ship Kickstarter. They managed to raise $13,000 to produce a 1/48th scale space ship related to their Counterblast project. yesterday i got my pledge reward in the mail and i have to say it is Awesome! Check out the imaged below.

all the ship components laid out.

The main hull held together to give you and idea of size

The aft assembly and Engines + flight base

The whole kit is easy to build. For my first Resin kit from Bombshell Miniatures i have to admit the details are amazing and there is very little clean up work. There was only one rough area on the main hull, but i am pretty confident it wont be hard to fix. The project also included some prelim miniatures for Counterblast in the form of two crews for the ship and a security team to name a few. I chose the security team + the Macbot that came with the ship :)


The security team. Made up of a GDF officer and his robot companion.
So if you fancy a pretty cool retro scifi skirmish game check out the Counterblast Kickstarter blasting off next week! Thanks Bombshell for the awesome kit!

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